STEAM Ahead Online During COVID19

Many aspects of school and life can be overwhelming, especially with the added impact of COVID19 but they don’t have to be. Have you ever had difficulty accomplishing schoolwork, staying organized, or managing your own self? STEAM Online can help!

Stay Safe Stay Smart

Success is NOT just about  being  smart it’s about  getting  smart at how you do things. And that requires more than helping you understand a topic better; it means learning the skills and strategies that will help take you as far as possible in any subject. STEAM Online goes beyond teaching, which focuses solely on subject matter, to help you with content but also provide support, encouragement, and accountability to thrive in life.

Social Distancing Not Social Isolation

STEAM Online can benefit not just students in high school but everyone who finds it challenging to;

  • stay organized

  • keep up with projects, tests and assignments

  • manage in-school and extracurricular responsibilities

  • maintain focus with schoolwork or avoid procrastination

Target Audience

STEAM Online is intended to support those in high school or university and can also benefit those in technical programs or online learning settings as well. It differs from teaching in that it focuses on skill development and problem solving – supporting the development of executive functions – not simply focusing on subject area help. Students often have subject knowledge, but lack skills to use it

Getting Started

A 15 minute, no-cost initial consult is scheduled with the you, Lucas, and (if applicable) your family.  This meeting is usually held at your home online, or elsewhere, as requested. STEAM Online uses a free conferencing platform of professional business standard compatible with MAC, Windows and Android and REVS a live captioning system. During the initial consultation, you, Lucas and your family get to know one another, identify specific areas of focus, and develop plans for working together. Then, sessions are scheduled for 1 hour, typically once weekly, or as needed..

About the Process

STEAM Online is designed in collaboration with you, your parents, and Lucas. It involves identifying the lagging skills and unsolved problems that you experience. From there, goals to address unsolved problems by developing skills are determined. Finally, an action plan is created to help you work toward skill development goals in smaller frames of time. The action plan guides the work on a regular basis during sessions.

The Action Plan

The action plan will address all the lagging skills and unsolved problems; however, we’ve found that focusing on a single skill/problem at a time works best. It allows the you, your family, and Lucas to prioritize the work you do in sessions by:

  • Choosing the single most significant unsolved problem

  • Working to identify lagging skills and triggers of the unsolved problem

  • Developing abilities to address unsolved problems & improve skills

  • Rehearsing trigger routines to respond in problematic situations


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